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PART TIME PUNKS takes place at The Echo on 1822 Sunset in Los Angeles, every Sunday night.

PART TIME PUNKS is a club that takes over noted Echo Park live music venue, The Echo on 1822 Sunset, every Sunday night. The night focuses heavily on DIY and Indie vinyl coming out of the U.S., UK and Europe from 1977 to the present: Punk, Post-Punk, Synth-Punk, Synthpop, Minimal Synth, Dark/Cold/Minimal Wave, NDW, Industrial, New Wave, No Wave, C86, Indiepop, Twee, Shoegaze, Baggy and even Krautrock…


    Northern California's WHIRR (formerly Whirl) make an effects-laden noise that is as blatantly loud and heavy as it is beautiful, giving the sounds of 90's shoegaze a widescreen update for the post-millennial era.  The young sextet's wall of lush guitars, breathy vocals, dreamy synth and thunderous drumming propel listeners into a near-cinematic realm where instantly catchy melodies and emotional, enveloping atmospheres hang in perfect balance. 

    Listen to WHIRR.

    Meet NIGHT SCHOOL, northern California dreampop 3-piece fronted by Alexandra Morte (formerly from WHIRR and CAMERA SHY!).  Pure bliss rock inspired by the sad love songs of 1960’s girl groups like The Shirelles, The Crystals, and The Shangri-las meets dreampopshoegaze textures ala Cocteau Twins, MBV and...well...Whirr.  PTP is SUPER stoked to be able to add them to the bill at the last minute!

    Listen to NIGHT SCHOOL.

    Brand new LA-based femme-fronted janglenoise outfit, BLOOD CANDY, make their debut at PTP tonite! Blackpsychotambourinecandy.

    Listen to BLOOD CANDY.

    This WILL sell out, folks.  Without a doubt.  Just a question of how quick!

    ALL AGES are welcome! Doors open at 8PM!

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  • 08.09 WEEKEND [Slumberland Records] + KING WOMAN + AMANDA X + SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE

    This one's gonna sell out too, folks.  Also just a question of how quick!

    ALL AGES are welcome! Doors open at 8PM!

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    This muthafucka is gonna sell out, too, gang.  Show #3 in the unholy PTP triumverate in August (along with WHIRR 8/2 and WEEKEND 8/9). So get those tix NOW!

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  • 08.16 80s MIXTAPE NITE with Guest DJs Alex & Ray [from Depeche Mode & Smiths Conventions]

    Part Time Punks devotes by an evening to the coolest of indie & underground dance floor sounds of the 1980s. What to expect? Why, lots of sounds from PTP stalwarts, The Smiths, New Order, The Cure, Depeche Mode, David Bowie, Bauhaus, Siouxie & The Banshees, Sisters Of Mercy, Nitzer Ebb, The Normal, Jesus & Mary Chain, Echo & The Bunnymen and The Chameleons...

    PLUS a whole slew of sounds from labels like Factory, 4ad, Mute and Rough Trade. AND, of course, some of your very favorite guilty pleasures by the likes of OMD, Human League, Ultravox, Tears For Fears, Psychedelic Furs, Pet Shop Boys, Flock Of Seagulls, Berlin, Bronski Beat, Bow Wow Wow, Adam Ant, Sinead O'Connor, Kate Bush and John Peel only knows what else...

    With PTP's good friends and regular collaborators, Guest DJs Alex Luevano and Ray DeVries (who host the annual Depeche Mode and Smiths Conventions here in LA).

    For fans of MTV's rule & groundbreaking program 120 MINUTES and classic "alternative music" of the 1980s...!

  • 08.30 GRAVE BABIES + SO PITTED + tba
  • 09.06 SMITHS/MORRISSEY NITE w/Guest DJ JOSE MALDONADO (Sweet & Tender Hooligans)

    Come spend the evening oscillating wildly to the songs that saved your life...aka your favourite tunes by Morrissey and The Smiths!  With a healthy dash of Moz's inspirations and contemporaries (and even a few Smiths clones thrown in to see just how big of fan you really are...)  Of course Cut Out Morrissey will be there courtesy of PTP photog, Dylan Gordon aka D-M-A-X, for all your endless dancefloor contortions and photo op demands...

    [And since Monday is a holiday you don't even hafta call in sick to work or school!]

    @ THE ECHOPLEX (1154 Glendale Blvd.)

    Doors open at 9PM sharp. As with ALL PTP events, anyone 18+ is welcome!

  • 09.22 CHAMELEONS VOX performing 'Script Of The Bridge' in its' entirety + THE SOFT KILL + SEXTILE @ The Echoplex

    Part Time Punks is proud to present a very special Tuesday nite edition of PTP with Mark Burgess and his CHAMELEONS VOX peforming The Chameleons 1st LP, 'Script Of The Bridge' in its entirety!  This show WILL without a doubt sell out, gang, and I'm guessing sooner than later.  (Like, we've already sold over 200 tix and the show is still 6 months away!)  So get yer adv tix NOW while you can!  ALL AGES are welcome for this one-time event!

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