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PART TIME PUNKS takes place at The Echo on 1822 Sunset in Los Angeles, every Sunday night.

PART TIME PUNKS is a club that takes over noted Echo Park live music venue, The Echo on 1822 Sunset, every Sunday night. The night focuses heavily on DIY and Indie vinyl coming out of the U.S., UK and Europe from 1977 to the present: Punk, Post-Punk, Synth-Punk, Synthpop, Minimal Synth, Dark/Cold/Minimal Wave, NDW, Industrial, New Wave, No Wave, C86, Indiepop, Twee, Shoegaze, Baggy and even Krautrock…

  • 03.01 DUSTER + FROTH + KAMIKAZE PALM TREE at The Regent
    Part Time Punks is proud to present the return of DUSTER -- this time to The Regent in DTLA -- to celebrate the release of their mind-blowing new LP --their first in 23 years! (And just chosen as Stereogum's album of the week: These San Jose-based innovators of slowcore, space rock and lo-fi indierock in the 1990s sold out The Echoplex last spring in under 3 hours and we are expecting this show to sell out almost nearly as fast -- so grab yer adv tix NOW!!! 

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    Part Time Punks is proud to present this mini-Fest of remarkable darkwave sounds headlined by pioneering 4ad darkwave goths CLAN OF XYMOX -- celebrating the release of their new album!!

    Yes, it is unbelieveable isn't it?!?!  But it is TRUE. Legendary 4ad darkwave/dreampop pioneers CLAN OF XYMOX are coming back to play at The Echoplex for Part Time Punks again!!  IF you were lucky enough to cram into either of the 2 beyond sold out shows they played for PTP in the past few year then you KNOW how incredible the band is live...AND you know this show will ALSO sell out -- and sooner than later -- so grab yer tix NOW! 

    Listen to CLAN OF XYMOX.

    Dark melodic sounds, synthesizers, lyrics about the undead, the occult and parallel universes. This is TWIN TRIBES. Dive in or drown.

    Listen to TWIN TRIBES.

    THE BELLWETHER SYNDICATE is a group of Chicago-based operatives of the sonic avant-garde, intent on speaking truth to power with a sharp tongue. Fronted by veteran artist William Faith (of Faith and the Muse) and Sarah Rose (aka DJ Scary Lady Sarah), The Bellwether Syndicate are coloring outside of prescribed genre lines, pushing the boundaries of style and substance into something relevant and vital.


    Austin based artist Curse Mackey is best known as lead singer and sample banger of industrial supergroup PIGFACE and tribal industrial act EVIL MOTHERS, and as a member of My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult. Mackey has recently launched a solo electronic industrial/darkwave project that debuted at the COLD WAVES FESTIVAL 2016 in Chicago which includes new material and revamps of classic Pigface and Evil Mothers songs (including Spider Sex and Car Wrecks). Curse's sound is a future forward homage to the surrealistic side of industrial music, with doom fueled drones, slithering synth pulsations and dirty-minded beats layered upon hypnotic noise manipulations, scream of conscious lyrical prose as well as classic Wax Trax-era industrial dance tonalities that evoke the ghosts of early Skinny Puppy,  Lustmord, Coil, and the iconic projects Mackey has been a part of. 

    Listen to CURSE MACKEY.

    Based in Vancouver, Canada, this is a SPECTRES mining both the melodic and driving elements of classic post-punk and darkwave sounds, equally propelled by propulsive motorik rhythms or even, at times, the dark & dreamier side of shoegaze. Part Time Punks has been looking forward to hosting this band in LA since their debut album in 2016!!!! Don't miss their LA debut!

    Listen to SPECTRES.

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    "HTRK possess an originality and mystery worthy of obsession and scrutiny," Yeah Yeah Yeah's Nick Zinner wrote in 2015, "for their beautiful and damaged sound is truly, and thankfully, their own." For over a decade, the Australian duo's minimal style has played with elements of post-punk, synth-pop, and dub techno while centering around the unmistakable interplay between Nigel Yang's guitar and Jonnine Standish's vocals. Their 2019 LP, Venus in Leo, saw acclaim from the likes of FACT, DJ Mag, and Pitchfork — the latter calling it "sensual and harrowing as it is intimate."  HTRK released their breakthrough first album, Marry Me Tonight, in 2009, followed by Work (work, work) in 2011. During this period, the band underwent profound changes as they grieved the deaths of close friend and collaborator Rowland S. Howard and HTRK co-founder Sean Stewart. 2014 LP Psychic 9-5 Club set them on a path of self-discovery, and five years later, Venus in Leo marks a spirited new chapter. Recorded more or less live in their home studio in the Dandenong Ranges outside of Melbourne, the album reveals HTRK at their most vulnerable, with gorgeous, toned-back arrangements and evolving, idiosyncratic songcraft.

    Listen to HTRK.

    "These six cerebral, spiky songs extract something touching and tragic from the mundanity of social media and social anxiety," proclaims Pitchfork, describing UK post-punk outfit DRY CLEANING's debut record. Cool to see they get it. Even cooler that the band is making its 1st trip to the US and making its LA debut at Part Time Punks!!! (For fans of The Slits, The Raincoats, Essential Logic and other classic Rough Trade greats from the early 80s.) 

    Listen to DRY CLEANING.

    ÖTZI is a dark post-punk trio from Oakland, CA, comprised of singer & bassist Akiko Sampson, singer & drummer Gina Marie, and guitarist K. Dylan Edrich. Ötzi is known for their intricate songwriting and their explosive live show. At times haunting and at times aggressive, Ötzi delivers a driving rhythm blanketed by the intertwining melodies of two vocalists and abstract guitar washes.

    Listen to OTZI.

    Hailing from Hong Kong, THUD are Andy and Sky on guitars, brothers Wang and Wai on bass and drums, and Kim on vocals and synth. 
They met at HKDI, describe themselves as “wierdos" and just happen to make beautiful noise together: a shoegaze wall of sound layered with dreamy synth pop and ethereal vocals.

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    VANISHING TWIN are a heterogeneous crowd, no two members are the same nationality or speak the same language. They are would be doyens of Esperanto if it had only caught on; galactic citizens if it were an option at the passport office. They are scientists and creators excited by rituals and telepathy, book-wormed into action. Dressed for the closing night of the original Dadaist nightclub Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich, they sound like they are playing jazz at the end of the world’s end. They are like nothing else. Challenging, morphing, eclectic, ethereal – engaging.

    Their new album, ‘The Age Of Immunology’, was recorded in spaces reclaimed for their experiments. There are found sounds, Euro ambience, repurposed technologies, the sea. It’s motorik, symphonic. Different. The sounds you hear are otherworldly, created by scavengers, hunters, gatherers, deft at pinging milk bottles, caressing the Varispeed, and speaking in multi-lingual monologues, punctuated by strings and things. The Vinyl Factory has likened them to fellow sonic adventurers Sun Ra, Ennio Morricone and Stereolab.

    Listen to VANISHING TWIN.

    TALLIES blend elements of shoegaze, dream pop, and surf rock into a fresh sound that’s all their own. The Toronto band's debut album arrived in 2019 via Kanine Records and was not only, Rough Trade's album of the month it was also in both Rough Trade UK & USA's top 100 albums 2019. 

    Listen to TALLIES.

    Formed by Gray Tolhurst (Gray Tolhurst, Coo Coo Birds), Jeremie Ruest (Cerf Volant, Your Friend, Lavender Blush), Justin Oronos (Solip), and Lauren Grubb (Minipop, To The Wedding) in 2017, TOPOGRAPHIES meshes the crushingly loud guitars and hushed vocals of 90’s shoegaze with the urgency and mechanical rhythms of post-punk. Their debut EP was recorded and produced at New, Improved Recording in Oakland, California by Alexis Berthelot (Gojira, Wolfgang Tillmans, Enablers) in late 2017.

    Listen to TOPOGRAPHIES.

    The Los Angeles-based ensemble SONODA suh-NO-duh) is the full band realization of Lisa Sonoda’s bedroom project. Lisa’s first solo release, Clearing (Never Anything Records, 2017), is a densely layered set of 18 songs— taking form amidst fluttering synthesizer textures and reverberant orchestration. The full live band expands on these songs with six members each shaping the blooming melodies and stereophonic wash that defines Sonoda. A live full-length album, 'Karaoke Life' is due out on Never Content Records in the fall of 2018.

    Listen to SONODA.

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    Led by vocalist and songwriter Xavier Paradis. AUTOMELODI have long garnered a cult underground following with his solo minimal synth project since releasing their debut LP on Wierd Records in 2006. Like labelmates Led Er Est and Frank(just Frank), Automelodi combines guitars with synthesizers and drum machines, drawing from a mixed palette of minimal electronic sounds.

    Listen to AUTOMELODI.

    SSLEEPING DESIRESS stretches the boundaries between minimal synth, coldwave, and electro with lyrical themes spanning gentrification to coping with loss. Singer/songwriter Gabriel Ramos describes it thus: "My visions of songs usually end up as a clunky homage to late 70s punk rock, a marriage of dub and krautrock repetition and cavernous space.”


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    Hailing from the UK, SLOW CRUSH is a compelling abrasive shoegaze band, dealing with the aesthetics of contrasting sounds. Heavy like a gloomy dream yet soothingly vibrant. The vulnerable soft floating voice of Manchester's Isa Holliday underneath layers of grungy shoegaze soaked noisepop, seeking shelter from a f'ed up world. 

    Listen to SLOW CRUSH.

    Sharing their namesake with a song by predecessor noise pop group The Lilys, TENNIS SYSTEM are keeping the legacies of Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, and the Jesus and Mary Chain alive with their expansive, catchy-as-hell pop songs.  Matty Taylor and and co. are masters of loud and dirty anthems, but rising above the noise that blankets them are Taylor's beautifully sung, dreamy lyrics inspired by both love and art, from the drawings of Egon Schiele to the writing of Aldous Huxley.

    Listen to TENNIS SYSTEM.

    WAR BABY is a heavy power trio from Vancouver, Canada (Namecheck Husker Du here btw.). The group is comprised of two Albertans, songwriting kindred spirits Brock Allen (vocals, bass), Jon Redditt (vocals, guitar) and Australian born drum savant Kirby Fisher (drums, vocals). The group’s RIYL (which runs the gamut of alternative, proto-punk and noise rock greats) is both relevant but also limited as they always stir their influences professionally.

    Listen to WAR BABY.

    "Swirling guitars... layers of noise... drugged out soft male and female vocals going back and forth... sounding like part love, part death, part hope, part sadness. It's as if they've turned their instruments into liquid and poured them into your ears."  (From the FLEETING JOYS Bandcamp.)

    Listen to FLEETING JOYS.

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    THE PROFESSIONALS are of course the UK punk band active from 1979-1982 -- formed by ex-SEX PISTOLS guitarist Steve Jones and drummer Paul Cook after the infamous implosion of the Pistols. In March 2017 the band announced via their official Facebook page that the lineup of founding member Paul Cook along with Paul Myers and Tom Spencer would be releasing the first new music under the Professionals name in 35 years. Although Steve Jones isn't officially listed as a member of this new incarnation of the group, the band confirmed it is with his full blessing and that he is featured on the album alongside other guests including Marco Pironi (from ADAM & THE ANTS) and Billy Duffy (from THE CULT)!!


    Released in September of 1979, THE RUTS' one and only studio album ‘The Crack’ was an extraordinary statement of intent. As the energy and attitude of punks first wave started to dissipate, here was a band that exploded onto the scene with everything to offer. ‘The Crack’ had it all. Twelve power-packed songs brimming with invention and energy, it featured an extraordinary run of hit singles – ‘Babylon’s Burning’, ‘Something That I Said’ and ‘Jah War’ – alongside some of the best adrenalized rock music to emerge in the decade’s closing. Malcolm Owen’s snarling yet soulful vocals, Paul Fox’s soaring guitar and the incredible rhythm pairing of bassist John Jennings and drummer Dave Ruffy came together in perfect harmony to create an album that is as relevant and important now as it was then. Henry Rollins isn’t alone in his opinion when he frequently refers to The Crack as the “best album ever made”.  The Ruts (now Ruts DC) have always been intent on creating fresh music, constantly striving to move forward. When the band returned to the studio in 2008 to record ‘Rhythm Collision 2’ the follow-up to the 1982 dub-masterpiece, they hit the road and began the daunting task of crafting the first new Ruts DC songs since the early 80s, resulting in the release of 2016’s exceptional ‘Music Must Destroy’ album. It featured ten new songs of prime Ruts energy and song-writing suss, proving just how well the Jennings/Ruffy partnership had endured, alongside new guitarist Leigh Heggarty. As this show marks the band's 1st-EVER LA show, it will not only feature their 'The Crack' masterpiece but also tracks from  'Music Must Destroy', 'Grin & Bear It', 'Animal Now' and maybe even a brand new tune...

    Listen to THE RUTS.

    AVALANCHE PARTY is feral garage-punk from the wild North Yorkshire Moors, hopped up on adrenalin and amphetamines. Their sound is intense and immediate, so new yet so familiar and brimming with an urgency that explodes off the stage like the front lines of a war you didn’t even realise was being fought. Every note played through white knuckles, every word spat through gritted teeth. The beats blast like cannons while the guitars stampede like spooked stallions surging ever onward, snorting, snarling and tearing apart everything in their path.

    Listen to AVALANCHE PARTY.

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  • 05.22 WILD NOTHING + BEACH FOSSILS [both performing their 1st LPs!] + LAUNDER @ The WIltern -- Nite #1 of Part Time Punks 15-Year Anniversary

    Just announced this last Friday and it's already almost sold out!!!!!

    Grab tix in the next couple days because it will definitely sell out by the end of this week!!

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  • 05.23 HOUSE OF LOVE -- 1st LA show since 1993!! - Nite #2 of Part Time Punks 15-Year Anniversary celebration

    Yes yes YES -- a very literal dream come true here, gang!!! Part Time Punks presents the return of proto-gaze pioneers HOUSE OF LOVE to Los Angeles -- their first live show since 1993!!!!!!!!! This WILL SELL OUT -- so grab tix while you can!!!

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  • 09.16 SHE PAST AWAY + very special guests (TBA) at The Regent

    SHE PAST AWAY returns to Lost Angeles! Their 1st-ever LA show at The Echoplex for PTP sold out in less than a week -- so grab yer tix fast because this will do the same!  SHE PAST AWAY is dark-wave with a reworked 80’s sound. Signature guitar sound of the post-punk era, combined with minimalist poetry in Turkish. Often an outburst of sentimental anxiety through the nihilistic mind-frame, it is personal. Yet it is broad, a wondering mind brave enough to question taboo and existence. She Past Away is driving, it is mesmerizing. It is a haunt. 

    Listen to SHE PAST AWAY.

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