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PART TIME PUNKS takes place at The Echo on 1822 Sunset in Los Angeles, every Sunday night.

PART TIME PUNKS is a club that takes over noted Echo Park live music venue, The Echo on 1822 Sunset, every Sunday night. The night focuses heavily on DIY and Indie vinyl coming out of the U.S., UK and Europe from 1977 to the present: Punk, Post-Punk, Synth-Punk, Synthpop, Minimal Synth, Dark/Cold/Minimal Wave, NDW, Industrial, New Wave, No Wave, C86, Indiepop, Twee, Shoegaze, Baggy and even Krautrock…


    Trembling Hills formed in 2011. The band features Gardo Ramirez, Ben Reagan (both formerly of Death Party) along with Tony Bollas. All three are multi-instrumentalists, often switching duties onstage. The band cites groups such as: Minutemen, Nomeansno & Saccharine Trust, (w/ whom they've played several shows) as influences. Related acts / collaborations: Ramones, Feederz, 8-Bit, Bratty & Jackass.)

    Listen to TREMBLING HILLS.

    Rat Fist are a fuzzy scuzzy sludgy thrash duo that want to mix it up with you and melt your face. And you’ll let ‘em too. “Thank you, Rat Fist, may I have another!” is what you’d say... if you still had a face. The two dudes behind this most beautiful noise are L.A.’s No Age’s Randy Randall and Philadelphia’s Pissed Jean’s drummer Sean McGuinness (live, they are four to destroy you more).

    Listen to RAT FIST.

    Gritty synth punk with an early no wave 80s vibe, PANTHAR is an LA-based 5 piece formed in March 2014. Their eclectic blend of stripped down postpunk references a range of early 80s faves, from the Au Pairs to Crisis, The Cure, The Chameleons and early B-52s. Vocalist Shelina Louise, formerly of riot punk outfit, Kat Kong, brings her inimitable energy to PANTHAR’s dark wave backdrop. Stay tuned for PANTHAR’s debut single, “Ghost Rocket,” out on New Professor Records in the fall.

    Listen to PANTHAR.

    “Catharsis achieved, tragic conditions satisfied, a word on the music is here in order. CARDBOARD LAMB, whose music represents the culled and cultured influence of groups like Wire, Gang of Four, and Public Image Limited, is not conversant in musical convention. Though subsumable within the generous taxonomic umbrella of post-punk [Colin Ambulance doesn’t use an umbrella], Don’t Forget to Die is analogous, perhaps, to the product of Colin Newman sitting down to write songs with Charles Bukowski at the lyrical helm; the only material comforts of their writing session: a few pints of Blue Raspberry Mad Dog 20/20 and a carton of cheap cigarettes. “If I didn’t make so many poor decisions, I would have little subject matter,” quips Ambulance.”

    Listen to CARDBOARD LAMB.

  • 08.31 SMITHS/MORRISSEY NITE with Guest DJ Jose Maldonado (Sweet & Tender Hooligans)

    Come spend the evening oscillating wildly to the songs that saved your life...aka your favourite tunes by Morrissey and The Smiths!  With a healthy dash of Moz's inspirations and contemporaries (and even a few Smiths clones thrown in to see just how big of fan you really are...)  Of course Cut Out Morrissey will be there courtesy of PTP photog, Dylan Gordon aka D-M-A-X, for all your endless dancefloor contortions and photo op demands...

    [And since Monday is a holiday you don't even hafta call in sick to work or school!]

    @ THE ECHOPLEX (1154 Glendale Blvd.)

    Doors open at 9PM sharp. As with ALL PTP events, anyone 18+ is welcome!

  • 09.07 DARKWAVE DISKO with Guest DJ XIAN (Malediction Society/Disko.Nekro/Otherside)

    PTP presents a new dance nite devoted to Darkwave, Cold Wave, Minimal Synth and EBM...!

  • 09.27 INDIE 80s VS 90s ALTERNATIVE DANCE NITE w/Guest DJ Jose Maldonado (Sweet & Tender Hooligans) @ Los Globos

    Part Time Punks takes over Los Globos to throw a new monthly dance party fusing the best indie & alternative music of the 1980s & 90s...!   But what is "Alternative Music?" you ask. Why, that was the then handy-dandy rock journalist term for the very best in indie music that was coming out at the time. A broad, non-genre specific term that described bands as disparate (and remarkable) as The Cure, Depeche Mode, The Smiths, Morrissey, New Order, Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, The Pixies, The Pale Saints, Ride, My Bloody Valentine, Spiritualized, Sonic Youth, Smashing Pumpkins, Bjork, PJ Harvey, Radiohead, Blur, Oasis, Front 242, NItzer Ebb, Nick Cave, The Fall...  And that's exactly what you'll hear all nite long courtesy yer selecters Michael Stock from PART TIME PUNKS and Jose Maldonado from SWEET & TENDER HOOLIGANS...  AND it's a fucking SATURDAY!  (Which means NO work and NO school the next day, so you all can stay out late and dancedancedance...)


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