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PART TIME PUNKS takes place at The Echo on 1822 Sunset in Los Angeles, every Sunday night.

PART TIME PUNKS is a club that takes over noted Echo Park live music venue, The Echo on 1822 Sunset, every Sunday night. The night focuses heavily on DIY and Indie vinyl coming out of the U.S., UK and Europe from 1977 to the present: Punk, Post-Punk, Synth-Punk, Synthpop, Minimal Synth, Dark/Cold/Minimal Wave, NDW, Industrial, New Wave, No Wave, C86, Indiepop, Twee, Shoegaze, Baggy and even Krautrock…

  • 09.29 NEW ORDER NITE w/Guest DJ Alex Transistor

    A nite devoted to one of Part Time Punks' 1st favorite bands in the world (and so shall they remain!): NEW ORDER. So, expect a night filled with deep cuts, breathtaking b-sides and of course the almost endless list of hits!  PLUS loads of BeMusic productions (aka bands produced by members of New Order like The Wake, Section 25, Stockholm Monsters, Abecedarians, Quando Quango, Nyam Nyam, Red Turns To..., Royal Family & The Poor, Thick Pigeon) and of course their labelmates on Factory Records like Durutti Colum, A Certain Ratio and of course JOY DIVISION!

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    For the first time in 27 years, surviving members of supergroup SHADOW PROJECT have come together again as SHADOW PROJECT 1334 to perform the music made famous by two Los Angeles Deathrock icons – EVA O and the late, great ROZZ WILLIAMS. Since the tragic passing of ROZZ WILLIAMS in 1998, the music of SHADOW PROJECT and CHRISTIAN DEATH lives on, inspiring new generations of fans. SHADOW PROJECT 1334 includes the original Shadow Project’s EVA O on vocals and lead guitar and introduces on rhythm guitar, Eva’s own flesh and blood, daughter SCARLET DREAM; Also featured, from SHADOW PROJECT’S LEGENDARY 1992 LINE-UP, the powerhouse rhythm section of WILLIAM FAITH (The Bellwether Syndicate, Faith & the Muse, Christian Death) on bass and STEVYN GREY (Frankenstein, 45 Grave, Christian Death) on drums. This reunion of sorts has, from its birth, conceived its own death: it was agreed that SHADOW PROJECT 1334 would only last for 13 performances, after which it will never return. Their performance in June at Germany’s storied WAVE-GOTIKTREFFEN festival was the first — only 12 remain… SHADOW PROJECT 1334 carries on the Shadow Project musical legacy – the study of Light & Dark, Good & Evil, Heaven & Hell. 

    Listen to SHADOW PROJECT.

    GITANE DEMONE is a singer, musician and artist. She was a member of Pompeii 99 and Christian Death in the 1980s, followed by a long solo career. Her current project is Gitane DeMone Quartet. Her professional career as vocalist began in 1981 when she formed Pompeii 99 with Valor Kand and Davis Glass. Later, in 1983, DeMone and Kand joined forces with Rozz Williams to form a new line-up of Christian Death. In 1989, Demone relocated to Amsterdam and began a solo career. She had an obvious background in punk and deathrock/gothic rock, but she also had a passion for jazz and legendary female vocalists, most notably Billie Holiday. She maintained a rubber-clad S&M visual image, and the fetish theme carried through into her lyrics. Demone released a couple of EPs early in her solo career (eventually collected on the compilation Facets in Blue). She then renewed her friendship with former bandmate Williams, touring together and then recording the album Dream Home Heartache in 1995, which included both cover versions and their own material. Demone then paired up with Mark Ickx to produce a full-length album, released under the title Demonix around the same time. Demone recorded an album of her own called Am I Wrong? in 1997. She also continued to provide guest vocals for bands on both sides of the Atlantic, and released a compilation of the songs she sung in her Christian Death days. In 2000, she released a second studio album called Stars of Trash which was again self-penned, but recorded with the assistance of the band Dreadful Shadows. Demone currently creates, records and performs with other musicians including Paul Roessler (The Screamers, etc.) and Debra Erin Benham under the title Gitane DeMone Quartet. A published writer, Demone's other artistic activities also include composing poetry and painting.


    Promising new Lost Angeles darkwavers TERMINAL A channel Suicide, Screamers and Cramps all in one terrified, agitated package of poetry ala' Byron and Baudelaire. One of PTP's favorite new bands of the new millenium.

    Listen to TERMINAL A.

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    SCREAMING DEAD are a punk rock band from Cheltenham formed in 1980, who have often been characterized as "horror punk" (although goth and deathrock are certainly reference points here as well). They released several singles and EPs with indie chart success, before splitting up in 1985. They reformed in 1997, disbanded again in 1999, and reformed with three original members in 2014. This line-up toured the East Coast of the USA in 2018.

    Listen to SCREAMING DEAD.

    Listen to SHROUDS.

    Listen to KATATONIC.

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    During 1979-1990 in Los Angeles, 45 GRAVE was born in the chaos of the Punk movement and churned out their own brand of Ghoul Rock. In the beginning, the original lineup consisted of:
    Dinah Cancer-Vocals
    Paul Cutler-guitar
    Rob Graves-bass
    Don Bolles-drums.
    The 45 GRAVE song "Partytime (Zombie Version)" made it onto themovie sound track for RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD. Partytime made full rotation on MTV (1984) and the song, "Evil", debut on MTV's The Cutting Edge in 1985. Appearing on many a teenagers wall or locker, Dinah was slated as 'The Queen of Punk and Deathrock' by many fan rags, and became the ultimate horror punk pinup girl. Touring the U.S., they grew up with and shared the stage with artists like The Damned, Specimen, The Misfits, The Cramps, and Black Flag.

    45 GRAVE is back, lead by the original cemetery girl herself, DINAH CANCER, on vocals, with a collection of Punk, Metal, and Death, the original songs of 45 GRAVE with a new lineup. With songs like Partytime, Bad Love, Evil, Concerned Citizen and more, this will be the closest to 45 GRAVE that fans will see in their lifetime. Giving the fans what they wanted one hour of the songs that they love and grew up with. According to Dinah, "I'm building this to keep the spirit of 45 GRAVE alive, introduce its magic to new fans, and as a personal commemorative of my bestmemories being the driving force and front person of 45 GRAVE. This is a part of my life that indeed changed me forever. Will it change yours?"

    Listen to 45 GRAVE.

    Classic LA deathrock goth outfit KOMMUNITY FK return to Lost Angeles for a rare live show to celebrate their 40th anniversary of blasphemous existence! KOMMUNITY FK was created by Patrik Mata in 1978 in the midst of the LA punk explosion. Patrik's new musical genre became a cross between post punk against a darker gloom that became the genesis of American gothik/deathrock. Kommunity FK's beginnings were raw. Mata's influences of William S. Burroughs, Jean Cocteau, Salvador Dali, and early Bowie were woven through a dreamy musical side combined with experimental synthesized art punk. Mata's visionary soundscapes were all his own. The original pronunciation of Mata's new creation was "Kommunity Fuck". Very daring for the time when the later part of the band name was the top word of what was then known as the FCC's 'seven words not to be uttered' list. Changed by Mata to "Kommunity FK" so promoters back in the day had no problem placing the headliners name on their marquees. The FK has stuck throughout the decades ever since the bands live performance inception. Kommunity FK performs internationally and releases new material in the same tradition as they always have since 1978 with a 21st Century Deathrock twist... ~We Will Not Fall~

    Listen to KOMMUNITY FK.

    Moira Scar is PostPunk FreakDeathRock Trio from Oakland Ca.

    Listen to MOIRA SCAR.

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  • 10.27 CHAMELEONSVOX + THEATRE OF HATE + JAY ASTON [acoustic set of classic Gene Loves Jezebel tunes]

    Post-punk legends CHAMELEONSVOX return to Part Time Punks -- and this time with the full line-up of THEATRE OF HATE -- plus a special opening acoustic set by JAY ASTON from GENE LOVES JEZEBEL!  ChameleonsVox shows always sell out fast -- and they haven't been here since 2017 -- so grab yr adv tix fast!! 

    Listen to CHAMELEONSVOX.

    Listen to THEATRE OF HATE.


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    Legendary British shoegazing pioneers SEEFEEL make their 1st-ever appearance in Los Angeles with the full 7-piece band -- playing tracks from their groundbreaking 'Quique' LP from 1993 PLUS other classic tracks!!!!!!!

    In the heady days of the early 1990s, a wave of intrepid young bands made some unexpected connections between their post-punk approach to music, the exultant electronic reverberations from the early days of Acid House and the sonic sculptures crafted by classic producers like Phil Spector. As these sounds coalesced, Spector’s vaunted “Wall Of Sound” would be a handy touchstone for the immersive latticework of distortion and melody that would be off-handedly labeled later as “Shoegaze”.

    Even amongst a quasi-movement as loosely defined and musically divergent as this, Seefeel emerged as the black sheep. Conceived by Mark Clifford and Sarah Peacock, Seefeel immediately amalgamated electronics in ways most of their peers in traditional bands would never dream of, these sounds fused deeply with guitar, drums and bass into urgent melodic waves that on early releases like Quique and Succour oscillated between hopefulness, introspection and downright menace. As Warp co-founder Steve Beckett says, “Seefeel were the first band that Warp signed who had guitars – they were brave to sign to us because they became the ‘older siblings’ in the family and took all the flak by breaking the unwritten rules of an (up until then) purely dance label. After 1995’s ‘Succour’ they stopped performing live, but we always kept in touch and then for the first Warp20 show in Paris we asked if they would play.” 

    The immediate result of their live reformation in Paris was the single “Faults”, the band’s ranks now including bassist Shigeru Ishihara and former Boredoms drummer Iida Kazuhisa (aka E-Da). Their first release since 1996’s (CH-VOX), "Faults" proved to be a clear and welcome progression for a group that had never been predictable. Drawing on everything from gamelan and krautrock to the fringes of underground bass music, Seefeel's new material has been met with a resounding “welcome back” and an instant affinity with new peers such as Gang Gang Dance, HEALTH, Battles and Salem.

    Listen to SEEFEEL.

    CHASMS was formed in 2011 by Jess Labrador and Shannon Madden. Following 2016's 'On the Legs of Love Purified' and the recent "Divine Illusion" single, the band's latest LP for the Felte labe, 'The Mirage' pushes the band's ethereal sound into the murky depths of dub. Marking a sonic shift for the project, 'The Mirage' finds the duo trading in chaotic bursts of noise for understated minimalism that's still characteristically melancholic and potent with emotion. Labrador's drum production is as deft as ever with an expanded range of electronic samples and tape-delay-induced polyrhythms. Layered with Madden's persistently dubby bass, Labrador's sparse guitar and gliding soprano float above a labyrinth of hypnotic sequences. These dub-laced dirges signify growth within the band, heard in their command of repetition, space, and effects to build a pervasive mood that's often utterly heartbreaking. 

    Listen to CHASMS.

    BODY/NEGATIVE transforms the world into a bedroom with her debut EP, Epoche. The LA-based solo artist plays with texture, delay, and converging vocals to create an amalgam of sounds that transport the listener into a universe of both familiarity and mystery. From crackling vinyl to soothing rainfall, the artist interweaves a myriad of sounds to blanket the entire album in a familiar feeling of comfortable sadness.

    Listen to BODY/NEGATIVE.


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    Postponed from the spring...this is FINALLY happening....THE KVB play Los Angeles for Part Time Punks!

    Listen to THE KVB.

    Listen to HOUSES OF HEAVEN.

    Listen to NUMB.ER.

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  • 11.17 THE OCEAN BLUE

    Part Time Punks is over the moon to welcome THE OCEAN BLUE back to The Echoplex stage -- and this time around to celebrate the release of their stunning new record!!!!  

    This WILL without a doubt sell out, so get yer tix NOW!

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    Listen to THE YUMMY FUR.

    Listen to FUTURE PUNX.

    Listen to OOZELLES.


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    Serious contender for THE best gig of the year here with this heavy-hitting line-up of no less than 4 of Part Time Punks' favorite shoegaze bands in the country...infused with strains of slowcore, grunge and dreampop, no less...!

    Listen to NOTHING.

    Listen to LAUNDER.

    Listen to NO SWOON.

    Listen to SPRAIN.

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  • 12.15 LEBANON HANOVER + SELOFAN + SECOND STILL (Nite #1 of 2.)

    MORE tix available as we get closer to the nite of the show! Stay tuned!

  • 12.16 LEBANON HANOVER + SELOFAN + SECOND STILL (Nite #2 of 2.)

    MORE tix available as we get closer to the nite of the show! Stay tuned!

  • 12.22 DEPECHE MODE NITE w/Guest DJs Alex Transistor & Ray Kaos [Depeche Mode Convention]

    DEPECHE MODE NITE returns to Part Time popular demand! With Guest DJs Alex and Ray, who do the Annual Depeche Mode Convention (as well as AM/FM, Reflex, Club Planet Earth and Transistor)

    So.  Come spend a nite on the dance floor dedicated to tunes spanning the thirty year career of Depeche Mode (plus a healthy dose of synthpop and minimal synth tunes by DM's contemporaries & clones).  And, of course, PTP photog Dylan aka D-M-A-X will be there with cut-out Dave Gahan for yer endless dancefloor photo ops.

  • 12.29 GOTH NITE w/Guest DJ Xian Vox [LADEAD]

    Part Time Punks devotes a nite to all goth sounds. So expect to hear & dance to these dark sounds: Joy Division, Bauhaus, The Birthday Party, The Cure, The Chameleons, Clan Of Xymox, Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance, Sisters Of Mercy, Siouxsie & The Banshee, Xmal Deutschland, Virgin Prunes, Sex Gang Children, Skeletal Family, Killing Joke, Specimen, The Cult, The Danse Society, Alien Sex Fiend, And Also The Trees, Sad Lovers & Giants, The Mission, Fields Of The Nephilim, Siglo XX, Rema-Rema, In Camera, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, Strawberry Switchblade, All About Eve, 45 Grave, Christian Death, Theatre Of Hate, UK Decay, Mass, Mephisto Walz, Gene Loves Jezebel, Legendary Pink Dots, Tones On Tail, Love & Rockets, The Damned and of course some 'Black Celebration'-era Depeche Mode (among others)...


    Part Time Punks returns to The Moroccan in DTLA again this year its Annual New Year's Eve Party (after it's beyond sold out appearance last year) -- once again with Guest DJ Jose Maldonado from Sweet and Tender Hooligans!. So spend yer NYE dancing to a sing-along mix of indie 80s, 90s, Britpop, Bowie, Glam, Morrissey, The Smiths, Post-Punk, New Order, Joy Division, The Cure and Iggy, the Velvets and Blur and Pulp and Suede and The Clash and more...!  (Like Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, The Pixies, The Pale Saints, Ride, My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau Twins, Spiritualized, Sonic Youth, Smashing Pumpkins, Bjork, PJ Harvey, Pulp, Radiohead, Blur, Oasis, and oh so much more... And of course NO work and NO school the next day means you all can stay out late and dancedancedance...  

    This sells out EVERY YEAR so grab yer adv tix NOW!


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